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MINOTAUR INST. より、J Eyewear Labとの共同店舗がオープン。

11月6日より、今までのMINOTAUR INST. 中目黒店が、Comfort Technologyをコンセプトに、最新技術を活用した革新的なかけ心地のアイウエアを追及するアイウエアブランド「J Eyewear Lab」と共同で「次世代の着心地」を発信する拠点へ。



MINOTAUR INST.のウェアを購入することも可能です。


【住 所】東京都目黒区青葉台1丁目18-14


J Eyewear Lab

MINOTAUR INST. opens a joint store with J Eyewear Lab.

From November 6th, the previous MINOTAUR INST. Nakameguro store opened as a base for transmitting "next-generation comfort", collaboration with the eyewear brand "J Eyewear Lab", which pursues innovative and comfortable eyewear that utilizes the latest technology based on the concept of Comfort Technology.

The space is designed under the theme of "Fusion of Lab and Museum", and the bright interior where natural light shines down is aimed at creating a cozy space where products are placed comfortably in furniture made of waste materials.

In the future, as a "next-generation try-on experience place", we will provide a new try-on experience that has never been seen before, as well as a place to disseminate the latest initiatives such as collaboration with other brands and exhibition of curated items will be used.

You can also purchase the latest wear of MINOTAUR INST.

We aim to create stores that support the realization of an active life for all people who love urban life.

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